Across A Varied, Unified Field Of Essential Technologies And Services
Tailored To The Evolving Needs Of A Vibrant Industry
Facing Unprecedented Shifts In Consumer Preferences And Behaviors

  • Product Development
    Center of Bio-Scientific Discovery
    • Next-Generation, Pre-Probiotic Formulations
    • Condition-Specific/Specialty Supplements and Nutraceuticals
    • Custom Formulations of Soft-Gels, Capsules and Tablets
    • New Strains of Health-Giving Sugars that Reduce the Effects of Metabolic Syndrome
    • Sports Nutrition and Bodybuilding Supplements
    • Full Line of Existing Products and Formulations Within a Variety of Dosage Designs and Delivery Systems for Private Labeling
  • Production
    Full Spectrum of Tier One Contract Manufacturing Services
    For Developing and Delivering Finished Bottled and Packaged Products
    • Pressure Sensitive or Full Body Sleeve Labeling
    • Plastic and Glass Bottles
    • Canister
    • Sachet Packets
    • Daily Packets/Multi-Packs
    • Blister Packs
    • In All Delivery Systems
    • Hard Shell Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Soft Gels
    • Chewables
    • Simple Oils
    • Complex Powders and Pastes
  • Commercialization
    Comprehensive Marketing Support and Fulfillment Services
    • Market Research
    • Creative/Conceptual Design Resources
    • Custom Labeling/Printing/Packaging
    • Market Fulfillment/Channels of Distribution

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