At the Heart Of The New Nutraceutical Revolution
Adhering To Best 'Intelligent Manufacturing' Practices And Principles

  • A New Manufacturing Paradigm
  • A Pioneering Dynamic Process Innovation System
  • Engineered for Seamless and Persistent Modification and Maximum Agility
    • Brand New Facility and Functional Design…Circa 2015
    • Fashioned Specifically for Advanced Formulation, Manufacturing and Packaging Services
      Best Suited to Next Generation Nutraceuticals and Supplements in all Dosage Designs and Delivery Systems
    • Capacity to Meet High-Volume Demands
    • Flexibility to Accommodate Small Production Runs in a Reliable Manner
  • State-of-the Plant Features
    • Top-of-the-Line Blending and Encapsulation Equipment
    • Temperature-Controlled Inspection Stations Strategically Placed Throughout Facility
    • Streamlined Production and Packaging Capabilities
  • Top-Tier Cadre of Subject Matter Experts
    • Experienced Team of Scientists, Product Developers, Expert Formulators

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